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Migos: We did not have concert relations with that SPC

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 9.45.58 PMAfter much speculation, SPC revealed that Migos will not be performing at Dooley’s Ball.

This announcement comes as a disappointment to many Emory students.  Students were astonished that SPC actually booked a popular act, something unheard since the November 1988 appearance of the Pet Shop Boys.

For the first time in Emory history of the past four years, all of the guest passes were booked. Hundreds of usually unimpressed younger siblings paid for flights to finally visit Emory,  using their money reserved for buying weed and Dominos to see the Migos.

SPC has tried to diffuse the situation by providing a detailed analysis of their mistakes. In this analysis, posted on Facebook, they mention a third-party agency they used to book the Migos. Although the Migos have their talent booking agency on their website, SPC representatives booked the act through

The Spoke reached out to the Migos for a comment and received a hasty response.

“We want to say one thing to the students of Emory, we want you to listen to us,” said the Migos,  “We did not have concert relations with that SPC.”

Luckily, SPC has not cleaned their browser history and email cache yet, so this point might be up for contention.

Our sources reveal that SPC may be planning on having local duo The Indigo Girls return to campus for the 17th time, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

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