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Harris Hall Under Siege from Flame Warlock Ghur’moth

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Ghur’moth, spoiling a tuition’s worth of forget-me-nots.

Emergency personnel responded to a call from Harris Hall this morning concerning a devastating inferno ignited by the Druid Hills flame warlock, Ghur’moth.

Several witnesses reported that Ghur’moth shouted, “Mortals! Tremble before me as I incinerate this residence hall with the mighty flames of Marlb’orough,” before beginning his assault.

Witnesses say that the flame warlock then conjured a white-hot instrument of destruction from Cth’alug, the elemental plane of fire, and rendered it unto a formation of shrubbery that laid a bit outside of Harris Hall proper.

“Mark my words, foolishly combustible life forms, I’ll return once more to ensure the destruction of your flawless landscaping,” reportedly exclaimed Ghur’moth before vanishing into a black cloud of smoke and ash.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene just after the warlock’s interdimensional escape.

“This shouldn’t have even happened,” said Druid Hills Fire Chief Edward Fuller. “I know for a fact that Emory instituted a strict No-Conflagration-Magic Policy just last year.”

“It’s a health hazard,” he continued.

Fuller’s crew ultimately emerged victorious after a five-hour, pitched battle against the enraged, constantly shape-shifting flames of Marlb’orough.

“It took a few portals, but we banished it back to Cth’alug,” said Fuller.

At this point, the emergency crews on the scene left to respond to reports of Shved’khah, fermented grain sorceress of the twilight astral planes, laying waste to a Longstreet-Means pregame.

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