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Emory Wheel under investigation for alleged hazing

Emory’s chapter of The Emory Wheel  (ΔIK) is under investigation by the Office of Student Conduct due to allegations of hazing, Director of Student Conduct Jane Thompson wrote in a Feb. 8 email to the Wheel.

Thompson declined to provide further information, including when the investigation began, because the investigation is ongoing. 

“The chapter is in pretty awful standing with the Emory community,” spokesman Francis Mayhew wrote in a Feb. 8 email to the Wheel. 

“By the way of course, we can’t provide any public comments on the status of individuals or chapters, except about Jason because we hate him,” Mayhew continued.

As of press time, the organization is not on probation or suspended, Media Council President Mary Tracyson wrote in a series of Feb. 8 emails to the Wheel.

Emory University’s Anti-Hazing Policy states that prohibited actions include risk of injury to someone; discomfort, harassment, degradation, ridicule or embarrassment to someone; acts of personal servitude; and more. The University has an “obligation” to protect community members from hazing, assist people who have been hazed and hold organizations engaging in hazing accountable, according to the policy.

The Wheel chapter President Maxwell Burnes (19B) did not respond to the Wheel’s request for comment by press time.

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