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TableTalk Sparks Riveting Conversation Between ATO Senior and Corporate Recruiter


couch talkStaying true to its mission to provide a dynamic framework of conversation between individuals, the addition of TableTalk on the resume of ATO Senior Adam Myers ignited an impassioned and game-changing conversation between Myers and the gatekeeper to a potential lucrative and prestigious career.

Musing over a diverse array of topics ranging from what Myers learned from the experience of founding the organization dedicated to facilitating conversation, to ways that he could apply such experience to the job, to starting salary, both Myers and the recruiter acknowledged the role of TableTalk in allowing for such an experience.

“Without founding this organization, getting positive press from Emory and the subsequent letters of recommendation from Deans that followed, I may never have been able to access the connections that facilitated this organic encounter” stated Myers, who founded TableTalk last year.

“I was curious of the value of founding an organization that just puts couches everywhere and tells people not to look at their cellphones,” stated Human Resources Contractor Henry Bell, “but once Adam used 13 corporate buzzwords in two sentences and described a TableTalk program as a ‘creative incubator for new community engagement ideas’ it was clear that he had the know-how to get his foot in the door for a high paying and prestigious position.”

Myers told us that after a Campus Couches interaction between Hillel and Students For Palestine successfully ended the crisis in the Middle East, he knew had created a highly effective task force for community engagement.

At press time, Myers was found browsing a thesaurus for more words to describe his dynamic cross-cultural conversation starter.

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