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NBC Adapts Kaldis Staff into Millennial Sitcom

coffee shopFor the past month, Emory students have been enraptured by the beautiful, twentyish employees at Kaldis who give them $5 coffees each day.

“Every time I get a coffee, I’m also catching up on the hijinks and romances of the attractive, approachable, quirky staff” freshman Sarah Perkins gushed, “yesterday, when the cute cashier with the beanie poured my coffee, the hot manager with the sleeve tats told her ‘good job’.”

NBC executive Jeffrey Luntz stopped by for a slice of pumpkin pound cake, he drew up a contract on the spot for every Kaldis employee. “As soon as I saw their poreless  faces and charming smiles, I knew I’d found lightning in a bottle.”

The sitcom will be titled “Barista Baddies”. Starting Monday, there will be a camera crew and live audience stationed at Kaldis to record all of the witty banter, heartfelt beats, and shocking confessions that happen everyday behind the Kaldis counter.

To catch up on your favorite baristas, you can continue getting coffee every day, or buy a cable subscription, which is about five times cheaper.

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