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“Well I’m Pretty Much Screwed at this Point” – Commentary by AEPi Graffiti Perpetrator

The Emory Spoke condemns the actions of the anonymous, hate-filled victimization of AEPi and KA. This article is our expression of solidarity with the Emory community and a statement of ours that we think this vicious act of hatred is absolutely terrible.

Never in a thousand years did I imagine my intense, incoherent hatred for Jews would come to this.questionmark

I thought my hatred for everything Jewish and abhorrence for most members of the human race- but specifically Jews- could be channeled productively, but I was mistaken. When writing in support of Nazism in papers for my classes failed to produce above a 2.0 GPA, I thought it would be best to turn to better formats, like art. I was under the impression that my intellectual and creative genius would finally be recognized when I smeared those swastikas across a building on the other side of campus.

I guess that backfired. I’ve been globally denounced by a Prime Minister. Even the FBI is on my trail. My bowels can do nothing except constantly evacuate in soft, watery fear.

I thought my message would resonate! I came to Emory trying to get AWAY from Jews. Boy, I guess I was wrong. Even the non-Jews hate me! I just don’t understand. Nobody agrees that my actions were noble, or even enlightened, as I thought of them. If my fellow hallmates knew what I did, they would ostracize me forever. It’s just not fair.

It all seemed so simple: I would consume high quantities of alcohol, shove various utensils up my nose, paint symbols about the world’s most fascist, genocidal power on the affected group’s residence, and run away. Nobody would notice. And I’d be satisfied. But for some reason everyone got really upset and now I’m probably gonna be expelled.

All of my experience on 4Chan really didn’t prepare me for this. In the past my blatant expressions of racism and unreserved hatred were met, at worst, with 30 lashings from my high school principal. But I never expected this to be met with such a vicious response.

The more I think about it, the more I’m really the victim here. Are the AEPi kids gonna get expelled or indicted on various charges? No. Are their careers and lives going to be ruined by one inexcusable act of blatant hatred? No. Is the international jewish conspiracy bribing world leaders and every major publication to defame the kids I victimized? Absolutely not. But they’re all coming for me. I’m sure of it. Every fiber of food in my body leaving in a fast diarrhetic rush is proof enough.

It’s only a matter of time until they find out that I think that 9/11 was both justifiable and an inside job as well.

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