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Social Chair Courtney Flynn Responds to Wheel Sorority Article Loudly in Mags

omfg srsly guys

omfg srsly guys

Can everyone in this bar just shut up?

Okay so we all read the Wheel article right? Well my name is Courtney Flynn and I would just like to disagree. Like, the Wheel couldn’t be more wrong… not to mention sexist, racist, you name it; they are everything bad and more! Okay, so anyways, I just think that, like, the Emory Wheel’s article doesn’t make any sense. Not to be rude, but I just don’t really understand it.

My first problem with the Wheel’s article is how badly it’s like written. Like, I think that for a bunch of professional writers they should be at least writing something that makes sense. I think a big problem in the writing of this article, well like, in how it was written and stuff, is that the article tries to act soooo much smarter than it really is. Like, they use words that don’t even make sense to sound as if they are Albert Einstein or something. Just to quote the beginning of this UGLY article, “they were not allowed to speak to one another and eventually chose one of the seven Emory Panhellenic Council sororities.” I mean, “Panhellenic?” Ummm… thesaurus please? Wow… I can’t even deal with this.

I also just REALLY don’t like the tone of it. I’m not sure what gives whoever wrote this the right to speak in such a mean way, but they really just need to really chill. Like, we all went through this, and yeah, some people get hurt. But they still have to be nice about it. If you’re going to write like this, I’d rather hear you say the words to my face so that you have to uncomfortably hide emotions and act with uh respect toward me because of your modesty as well as the like manners. Yeah, that’s what I thought. They don’t have the ass to do that.

No, I don’t think I’ve had enough.

Also, also, also, I just want to point out that there are some assumptions that the Emory Wheel makes when trying to insult sororities. To once again quote this Communist Manfest, “sorority recruitment is objectifying, superficial, discriminatory and in need of vast reformation.” I laughed when I read this because of how offensive it was. Why are you trying to like put people down by identifying them with an object? Some objects have feelings you know. Then it says recruitment is “superficial.” I mean, I’m not superman but I would say recruitment does give you some sort of superpowers. It continues by saying recruitment is “discriminatory and in need of vast reformation…” L-O-L. This girl’s thesaurus is back and it wants its words!! HA.

Anyways, since this was like basically an essay now you know how I feel. I think that we should girlcott the Emory Wheel because its news is boring anyways and they are always end up making Claire cry. Screw this article and honestly, it can just go to heck.

-__- I am so done.

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