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Fate of Entire Evening Left Up to 45 Year Old Yelp Reviewer

A group of college brochure models searches for dinner plans

A group of college brochure models decides on dinner plans

A group of students were unable to decide where to eat, and have now resorted to the consult of yelp reviewer Marianna Young from Madison, Wisconsin.

Mrs. Young, whose has a lifetime of experience in eating, offered sage advice to the lost group of millennials. As a veteran of over 37 Yelp reviews, Mrs Young averages an exact 3.2 star rating, making her 4 star approval of the Toco Hills Chili’s an above average selection.

Young praised the courtesy of the wait staff and quality of the food, but she also noted that the existence of a rowdy group of children cheapened her experience. Young conceded that this was no fault of the kind people at Chili’s, and decided to award her coveted approval to the restaurant.

At press time, a skeptical Aaron dissented in the group, citing Erik Fletschingers review of the Chili’s, which stated that the food “fucking sucked.”

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