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Wagner Releases Dragon in Search of Heir to Emory

Dragon in the Cox Clock

Pictured (Clockwise): Un’thra’ha, President Wagner, Smoldering remains of Cox Tower

At the rising of the sun on the Day of a Thousand Withdrawals, chieftain of the human city of Emory, James Wagner, released the mighty dragon that has slumbered in the Cox Hall clock tower since the battle of Fur’Grad (1836). The Rich Building, Pitts Hall, and the Rita Anne Rollins building have been razed by dragonfire. Un’thra’ha the Firelord has returned to Middle Georgia, and it is every bit as savage as man could have feared.

The beast was, till now, contained by powerful magic put in place by alchemist lord John Emory himself. Now the true heir to Emory has returned, and his presence disturbs the dragon’s peaceful rest. The spells wear thin, and Un’thra’ha thirsts for the blood of man once again.

Lord Wagner revealed his true intentions to the Council of Seven at their conference under the Hunter’s Moon: “John Emory’s blood runs in the veins of one of these students; the Firelord began to stir last semester. Now his power comes to a head, and the spells that bind him will fail, as the prophecy foretold. We must find the heir, lest fire and death consume our homes!”

Little hope remains. The kingdom of Ven’Der’Bilt has not trusted Wagner since Emory’s alliance with the Savages of Oxford Way and refuse aid, and the only weapon even capable of piercing Un’thra’ha’s iron hide is the legendary King’s Blade, said to have been forged by giants in the vulcan forges of Dho’ok. None are sure, but ancient texts hint it can be obtained from John Emory’s grave by the chosen one when the ancient bones on Dooley’s grim statue glow crimson under the moon’s first wane.

Food supplies at Duc Durven run perilously low. A shipment was burned on the road by a blast of dragonfire, and no more will come with the imminent threat of death. Compounding matters, Un’thra’ha ate 600 servings of catfish in just one meal swipe, severely depleting stores.

At press time, the as yet unidentified heir wondered whether classes were cancelled in the now smoldering Rita Anne Rollins building.

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