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Summer Intern Shocks CEO with Game-Changing Coffee

intern summer coffee girl

Intern Girl livening workspace with freeze-dried coffee.

Richmond, VA- A summer intern floored New Horizon Realty’s CEO, as well as the entire accounting department with what her four co-workers confirmed to be a “serious cup of joe.” While the Emory student’s internship ended several weeks ago, rumors of her coffee expertise have already spread to every department of the firm’s Richmond branch.

CEO James Corwin flew back to the office from a family vacation to personally confirm the quality of the intern’s brew.

“I don’t know what she put in this,” Mr. Corwin said of the intern’s cup of Folgers Classic Roast, “But color me impressed. I don’t know where our company would be today without her.”

“Before her, we took a lot of naps,” Vice President Rowe interjected, “A lot of naps.”

Sources confirm that the intern’s departure has left an irreplaceable void at the company. Despite studying hours of security footage from the break room of the intern making coffee, security guard Simon Weather still can not replicate her results.

“I’ve tried hot water, cold water, extra water, no water” Simon confessed to The Spoke, ” Nothing seems to work”.

“Her presence will certainly be missed,” said Mr. Corwin, “In the long twisting annals of the New Horizon Realty Accounting Department Summer Internship, what’s-her-name’s legacy will live on for fiscal quarters to come.”


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