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Student reads PlaySpoke to avoid family

Link to obscene magazine here!
After the digital release of the Spoke’s 2016 winter classic PlaySpoke on Christmas Day, many students were excited to spend the afternoon hiding from their parents and extended family to read college satire.

Thomas, a Business Junior, described feeling overwhelmed and irritated as he fled from his grandmother’s pursed lips to look through PlaySpoke.

“Who knows how many more opportunities I’ll have to flee from my grandparents love, but dammit I don’t want to talk about the election anymore!” DeGrady exclaimed.

“Thank God The Spoke provided something I could skim through instead of interacting with my family,” Thomas said.

Addison Schultz, a College Senior, was equally thrilled about PlaySpoke’s wide release.

“I was tired of repeatedly answering questions like ‘What are you doing after graduation?’ and ‘What does one do with a Philosophy degree?’, so I’m glad that the Spoke gave me a reason to prolong my bathroom break for two hours,” Schultz said.

Beatriz Jacobs, a First-Year, enjoyed using the Spoke’s release to address a totally different anxiety.

Jacobs surreptitiously looked up her grades in the days prior to Hannukah and reported that “General Chemistry did not go very well.” When her parents would broach the subject of her grades, Jacobs would take the opportunity to offer to walk the dog and would instead sit on the curb outside her house and read PlaySpoke on her phone in the snow.

The Spoke wishes all of its readers a Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah! If you are feeling holiday anxiety, we offer PlaySpoke as comic relief here!



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