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Randy Audits Global Public Health 250

An audit in Core Issues in Global Health left Randy the Roach reeling from the obvious lack of cockroach community support in the university. An unsuspecting Randy was shocked at the barrage of discriminatory, one-dimensional portrayals of roaches’ historical roles as disease-carriers and proponents of general filth.

“I came here to learn about current world health issues and leading research,” Randy objected. “I didn’t expect to sit through an hour and fifteen of speciesist propaganda. The scapegoating of human health issues on cockroaches is completely outdated and frankly, damaging to my emotional health. Did I feel oppressed by claims that cockroaches may carry intestinal diseases like cholera, dysentery, and typhoid? Absolutely. For a university that makes such an effort to include my kind in residence hall life, I am disappointed and confused that they would send such a contrary message in classes.”

Randy expressed an intent to start a much-needed safe space for cockroaches on campus. “We should not only feel welcome to roam free in the dining hall, the shower drains, or late at night on the sidewalk super close to your feet. We deserve to be a part of classrooms too.”

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