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Rain Drop, Drop Top, SPC Makes Dooley’s Week a Big Flop

The much anticipated Dooley’s Week Migos concert at Emory University was recently cancelled after the Emory Student Programming Council graciously donated all of its funds to a friendly Nigerian Prince. What do you think?


“Good! No Amigo is cooking dope in my crockpot!”

Sarah Burkenshireworthington-Smith • Emory University Mother





“I was hoping something would actually happen for once. There hasn’t been a good murder for years.”

Harry Thompson • Emory PD






While I don’t really care about Migos one way or another, I found the undergrads’ use of ‘This sucks’ in that all University-email offensive.”

Prof. Stanley Scott • Emory Law School Professor






“Finesser, finesser. Finesser, finesser. This is my life.”

The Third Party Agency  

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