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College Fashionista: The Emory Scene

The Spoke’s Fashionista team looks into Emory’s hottest trends with exclusive interviews with  Emory fashion royalty.

image 1 fash

Lacy calls this look “Wake-Up-Wednesday” because it energizes her and she wears it every Wednesday!

Fashionista Spotlight: Luscious & Laidback

Lacy Crocker is fashionable in her eclectic ensemble. She’s head to toe put together in her unique black Hunter boots, paired with her affordable Ugg purse.

Collegiate Fashionista: How would you explain your style?

Lacy: I usually wear items from Brandy Melville, LF, Steve Madden, Bloomies, and Barneys.  My staple piece is my Tiffany heart necklace that I got for my sweet sixteen.  But you know me, I’m not a brand name girl.

As she pushed back her hair I noticed a bracelet that almost looked like a piece of hardware, it had such a stunning look, I had to enquire.

LC: Oh yeah, this is my Cartier. I always forget about it because I can’t take it off.  I lost the little golden screwdriver that removes it!

CF: It’s a beautiful piece.

LC: Thank you! My parents gave it to me last semester when I made all B’s.

Style on.

image 3 fash

Tess explains her tats, clockwise from top: 1-“Wingdings is the most perf font right now”; 2- “Because tattoos are forever”; 3- “I’m not super religious, but I believe you def have to believe in something”.

Today’s Trend: Too Cool Tattoos

Beautiful pieces of art are popping up all over campus. And no, they’re not coming from the well sponsored art programs residing in the visual arts building.  They’re appearing on student’s bodies! Tess Barr has a unique tattoo and prides herself on how tastefully done it is.

TB: I’m super proud of my new tattoo.  It’s so rebellious.  It says believe on my wrist.  I love it.  I’m also currently saving up for my next tat.  I’m thinking of getting the word “breathe” on my left under boob.  Not like Miley though, but because I need to remind myself when I forget to breathe, you know?   It’s kind of an inside joke with my besties and will remind me of all the great times we’ve had.

Style on.

image 2 fash

Fun fact: Holly misses Steady Hand.


Fashionista Spotlight: Hella Hipster

Holly Antizer puts the hip in hipster.  Her outfits are so beautifully put together they’re Teen Vogue worthy. We sat down at Emory village’s alternative Starbucks to talk style.

Collegiate Fashionista:  Tell me about your style.

Holly Anitizer: I consider my style to be edgy, sophisticated, cool, and hipster… I mean my outfits would so belong in GIRLS (the HBO show, if you haven’t seen it you totally should).

CF:  What’s your go to outfit?

HA:  Well, an unbuttoned plaid shirt that looks vintage but is new because my mom doesn’t let me buy used clothing; studded Doc Martins because hello, trendy!; and my skull pattern leggings that I got at a mall kiosk (but don’t tell anyone that’s where I got them from).  Oh, and of course my Urban Outfitters muscle tank with this retro band on it!

I noticed her Rolling Stones T-shirt.

CF:  You like the Rolling Stones? They’re one of my favorites.

HA:  Who?

Style on.

image 5 fash

Frank refused to be photographed for the interview, so we picked his last Facebook photo that did not have a solo cup.

Fashionisto Spotlight:  Phat Frat

Sitting down with me for hors d’oeuvres at the Margaret’s Bar & Grill, Frank Wolf was rocking his ensemble.  His look fits perfectly in the sweet ol’ southern atmosphere of Emory’s chîc du sud campus.  A button-up pinstripe shirt with the sleeves perfectly rolled up to the forearm was paired with a pair of salmon shorts that hit right above the knee.  His feet were bedecked by slightly worn Sperry topsiders and his tortoise shell Ray Ban sunglasses shielded his eyes from the harsh fluorescent lighting.

Frank Wolf:  I love my fraternity. Alpha gang or die! I dress to impress and give the right reputation to my brothers.

Even I was floored by how well spoken he was.

College Fashionista:  That’s great to hear.  What is your favorite piece of the season?

FW:  Statement scarfs.  They keep you warm and look sick.  Nothing grabs the attention of the sorority pledges at Mag’s like a statement scarf. Check it.

He straightened out his scarf, revealing the statement “I Peacock my Parent’s Wealth in the Hope of Validation” written across it.

Style on.

image 4 fash

Fun fact: Catherine has been charged with harassment against Dooley enough times to warrant an order of restraint!

Style Advice of the Week:  Follow Your Heroes

Catherine Jones tells us to follow our heroes and fashion icons.  She is a die-hard fan of the Lord of Mischief.  She tells us she channels Lord Dooley’s fashion into her daily ensembles.  Today she is wearing a skeleton leotard paired with a leather skirt.  Her go-to accessories are her black top hat and cane.  When the winter comes around you’ll see her wearing a wool cape to keep her warm. We should all follow in the steps of Catherine.  She’s a dedicated fashionista and sticks to her style.  If that’s not trendsetting, then I don’t know what is.

College Fashionista: Hi Catherine!

Catherine hands me a letter, its contents only the words “I am the darkness”.

Style on.


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