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The Spoke SGA Presidential Candidate Breakdown

The Spoke knows that it is difficult to choose exactly the right candidate to represent your interests in these trying times. To ease the democratic process, The Spoke offers our…

Washburn's resume to Deloitte, already viral within their HR department.

Goizueta Senior Drunkenly Messages Resume to Deloitte

Gingerly removing Tostito™ chips from his navel, Goizueta Senior Jacob Washburn woke up this morning to discover that he had drunkenly emailed his resume to the professional service firm Deloitte.…


Severe Weather Conditions Threaten Student Apathy

At 1 p.m. yesterday, numerous campus sources reported that the students of Emory University collectively shed their apathetic attitudes as a result of the recent inclement weather. Gary Hauk, vice…

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