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Best RA Ever? This Guy Bought His Residents Beer!

When Robert Greenfield took on the job of resident advisor in Complex Hall, he knew he had his work cut out for him making his residents’ first year at Emory special. Luckily, Robert knew just what to do: he bought his residents beer. Way to go Robert!

“We wanted to throw a real rager that weekend,” recalled first-year student Davis Mitchell. “I didn’t know how we were gonna get a dangerous quantity of booze, but then Robert pulls out his car key and asks if we need a ride to Pitch’n’Putt. He even offered to use his legal ID to get it all!”

However, it didn’t stop there. On the night of the party, Robert sent his bitch-ass sophomore advisors out to buy streamers so they couldn’t snitch to the senior RA. Before his residents knew it, Robert had his shirt off and was shotgunning beers like one of the guys. That’s going the extra mile!

“It was insane. Robert is a fucking animal,” said one resident.

“I really wish he hadn’t taken a shit on my floor,” said another.

Wow! We would all be lucky to have an RA like Robert.

Did Robert stop caring for his residents the morning after the party? No! He walked through the halls distributing still more beer to the groggy freshmen, touting it as the best cure for a hangover.

“Drink up now, kiddies,” he crooned in an unsettling sing-song voice. “Just drink Uncle Robert’s juice and you’ll feel much better. That’s right.”

Truly an inspiration. Robert’s just the type of stand-up guy that makes parents want to send their kids to Emory: a trustworthy authority figure!

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